Prathamesh and Maria have joined the group


Two new interns, Pratamesh and Maria, recently joined us. They will work on processing thermoelectric materials by solution methods. Christine is already sharing her wisdom with them. Welcome to the group!

Join us for the workshop “Future Directions in Chemistry: From Biology to Advanced Materials”

IST Austria is organizing this amazing workshop Sep 29-30. We have outstanding speakers that will provide an overview of some of the latest developments in chemistry what might be expected in the future. Topics include catalysis, chemical biology, energy, organic chemistry, and polymer/supramolecular chemistry. Lectures will be held onsite and live streaming will be provided for participants. All for free! Don’t miss this opportunity and register

If you want to know more details about the workshop, click here.

Join us @ International nanoGe Conference on Nanocrystals (iNCNC)  June 28th – July 02nd, 2021

International nanoGe Conference on Nanocrystals (iNCNC)

We look forward to contributions of outstanding invited speakers, and foremost hundreds of PhD students, postdocs and more experienced scientists as contributed speakers and presenters of the posters!


Join us @ International nanoGe Conference on Nanocrystals (iNCNC)  June 28th – July 02nd, 2021

International nanoGe Conference on Nanocrystals (iNCNC)

The iNCNC is an online conference with the aim to bring together scientists of different research disciplines active in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology, with a focus on colloidal nanocrystals.

Topics to be covered by the conference:
  • Nanocrystal synthesis, surface chemistry and assembly
  • Nanocrystal individual and collective optical, electronic and magnetic properties
  • Applications in electronics, photonics, plasmonics, catalysis, energy conversion and storage, and biology and healthcare



Happy New Year 2021 

All members of Ibáñez group wish you a Happy New Year!!!


Merry Christmas 

All members of Ibáñez group wish you a Merry Crystal, oops sorry, a Merry Christmas!!!

(Thanks Sergi for the picture!)


Mariano was visiting the De Roo lab

SEPTEMBER 7-18, 2020

We are trying to unravel the chemistry behind the formation of Ceria nanocrystals. Mariano went to Basel to work with the De Roo group, experts in oxide nanocrystals and surface chemistry. Stay tuned, exciting results will follow.


We visit our future lab


Then new lab is moving forward. Hopefully, by June next year, we will be in our new house. More fume hoods for all our wet chemistry an extra boxes for our material processing and characterization. We can’t wait!!


This summer Anna-Maria and Christoph will be with us

JULY 22, 2020

Summer is a great time for the group as interns join the group. This year two students from TU Wien has joined us. Anna-Maria will be learning about nanocrystal synthesis. Her task, play with core-shell structures. She will work side by side with Sergi and Seungho. Christoph will explore room temperature crystallization mechanisms with Tobias. 


Seungho is back!

JULY 6, 2020

Seungho started as an intern in the group, and last year decided to join the grad school at IST. After doing lab rotations with Freunberger and Shigemoto he decided to do the PhD with us. He will be working on nanocrystal synthesis. We are really happy to have you back in the group. We’ve missed you!


Maximilian Ritter has joined the group

JULY 1, 2020

A new intern, Max, will spend the summer with us. He will work with Sergi trying to get large scale epitaxially connect nanocrystal superlattices. Hard task ahead!


We have now a lab technician. Welcome Clara!

JUNE 15, 2020

After one and a half year we are really happy to have someone that will take care of our lab and equipment. Building a lab from scratch was full of surprises. One that we would never expected is that all new system will have some kind of issue! What a roller coaster of a year having to deal with so many issues. We hope that with Clara here things are more under control and we can run all our experiments smoothly.



Pending celebrations

JUNE, 4 2020

March was a good month for the group. We submitted the first paper done fully at IST, Cheng was awarded with the Lise Meitner grant and the group got an important grant. However celebrations had to wait due to Covid-19. Finally, we could gather and cheer together for the accomplishments made.


Tobias and Alwin have joined the group

JUNE 2020

Tobias has just joinned the group as a PhD student. His first project is focused on the synthesis and characterization of nanocomposites. Looking forward to see the outcome of his interesting experiments.

Alwin is doing his master thesis with us guided by Mariano. His goal is to produce and characterize nanocrystal thin films.


The group is working remotely

MARCH, 12- 2020

In times of Covid-19, we have to stop all the lab activities and place ourselves in self-quarantine to contribute to the reduction of the virus spread. These are not easy times, but we are trying to do the best out of the situation. So we take the opportunity to catch up with literature, improve our writing skills and take some online courses in our cozy home offices.


Congratulation to Cheng!

MARCH, 2020

Dr. Cheng Chang has been awarded with the postdoctoral grant Lise Meitner, which will support his research for the next two years. His project “Bottom-up Engineering of Tin Chalcogenide for Thermoelectric Applications” aims to produce low-cost Sn chalcogenide thermoelectric materials with high performance by enabling the unique potential of nanoparticles as building blocks.


Part of the group @ nanoGe

NOVEMBER 4-8, 2019

Last week Mariano and Maria travelled to Berlin to participate in the conference NanoGe. Maria gave an invited talk in the symposium Charge Carrier Dynamics and Mariano presented his first results in a beautiful poster in the symposium Fundamental Processes in Semiconductor Nanocrystals. It was an intense week, but with very interesting talks and posters. We thank the organizers for preparing such a great program!



Sergi Sànchez has joined the group

NOVEMBER 4, 2019

Sergi has taken the challenge to build up atomically connected quantum dot superlattices.

© IST Austria – Nadine Poncioni


Cheng Chang and Guillem Montaña has joined the group

OCTOBER 1, 2019

Cheng has just finished his PhD with Prof. Li-Dong Zhao, a world expert in bulk thermoelectric materials. Now he joined the group seeking for more unconventional methods to produce thermoelectric materials. He is already getting his hands “dirty” on the fume hood.

Guillem has joined the group as an intern for the next 4 month. He will be working on the synthesis of metallic nanoparticles and learn electrocatalysis. Dogukan is already sharing his wisdom with him.


Our first group retreat

SEPTEMBER 18-20, 2019

We traveled to Altausseer See where we stayed for 2 days in a beautiful Lodge.  We shared home-made food, time in the nature and fruitful scientific discussions.


Nature Index ranks IST Austria #3 in the World

Yesterday “Nature Index 2018” were published. For the first time, the size of the institutions in which the publishing researchers work is also taken into account. IST shows up 3rd worldwide in the ranking!


Dr. Balazs will visit us next week to talk about colloidal quantum dot superlattices!

JUNE 19, 2019

His talk will be entitle “Colloidal quantum dot superlattices: physical chemistry and solid-state properties

In the first part of his talk, He will discuss the considerations for the formation of colloidal quantum dot superlattices. Understanding the physicochemical phenomena that take place during assembly is of importance for developing highly ordered materials over macroscopic length scales. Using grazing incidence small angle X-ray scattering (GISAXS), the fluid and particle dynamics which lead to the final structures can be tracked, bringing us one step closer to the ideal ordered, homogeneous arrays.

In the second part of the talk, He will give an overview how the macroscopic optical and electronic properties of colloidal quantum dot assemblies can be fine-tuned by exploiting the presence of quantum confinement and the large surface-to-volume ratio, all by simple, chemical methods. The overall effect is always a combination of doping, electronic coupling or electronic structure engineering, which can be studied and distinguished using a combination of techniques, contributing to the understanding of chemistry at the nanoscale.


A warm welcome to Yu Zhang and Wei Tan

JUNE 17, 2019

Yu Zhang from IREC in Barcelona and Wei Tan from Imperial College London are going to spend the summer in our lab working on solution processed thermoelectric materials. They are already hand on!


We got the JACS cover!

MAY 24, 2019

Our cover art representing our paper Ligand-Mediated Band Engineering in Bottom-Up Assembled SnTe Nanocomposites for Thermoelectric Energy Conversion has been selected for the front cover in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. We thank Roger Hasler for all his effort and creativity in this endeavor.

Dr. De Roo is visiting IST to explain us about surface chemistry!

APRIL 12, 2019

He will explain us about his studies on organic ligands through solution and solid state NMR spectroscopy. To illustrate the usefulness of the NMR toolbox, he will work through several case studies on a variety of nanocrystal types such as metal oxides or CsPbBr3 perovskite nanocrystals. You can read more about his work in the following publications. Chem Mater 2018, 30, 5485-5492; ACS Nano 2016, 10, 2071-2081; Angew. Chem.-Int. Edit. 2015, 54, 6488-6491; Nat. Mater. 2016, 15, 517-521; Chem Mater 2017, 29, 6104-6113; Chem. Mat. 2018, 30, 8034-8039.

His talk is entitled: An NMR toolbox to study the surface of nanocrystals; Enabling superconducting, memristive and catalytic applications

We have done our first synthesis!

JANUARY 30, 2019

It took us almost 5 months but finally we have the fume hoods fully equipped and our small glovebox running.


IST Austria ranked #8 Nature Index 30 under 30 List

IST was listed as number 8 in the Nature Index as a young institute that surpasses its peers in high quality science. The complete list consists of universities and research centers that are under 30 years old.

Prof. Dr. Paul Alivisatos will be awarded 2018 Wilhelm Exner Medal in Vienna!

OCTOBER 1, 2018

The award ceremony along with the Exner Lectures will take place at Eschenbach Palace in Vienna on October 23rd and 24th. In the ceremony, together with Thomas Jennewein, Gregor Weihs and Zhenan Bao, Paul Alivisatos will receive the Wilhelm Exner Medal for his contributions to Nanomaterials development. He will be also giving a lecture entitled  “Quantum Dot Light Emitters: From Displays to Enabling a New Generation of Energy Conversion Systems” on October 24. Prof. Jürgen Fleig (University of Technology, Vienna) and Maria Ibáñez will give lectures honoring the Wilhelm Exner Medalist with the title “Energy conversion and energy storage by moving ions in solids” and  “Rational Design of Thermoelectric Materials from Nanocrystal Building Blocks” respectively. Find out more and register for the event!

Building a Campus for Science!

IST Austria is expanding to include the fifth laboratory building for chemistry, grad school and library.

Save the date (October 11) for the ceremony where the official start of the construction will take place. Do not forget to register if you would like to attend the event to learn more about the new developments at IST Austria. Maria Ibáñez will be introducing the new research field at IST Austria during her talk at the ceremony.

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